Ten Biblical Ways To Reignite The Passion In Your Marriage

When you’re in a wonderful new relationship and blissfully dating, everything’s embraced with goo-goo eyes and cooing. After marriage and years down the line, it may become a different experience. Yes, you (hopefully) still love your spouse, but often feel like the romance has been delegated to “special occasions”. The biblical truth is, the romance is there and waiting to be rekindled. Here are some biblical ways to reignite the passion in your marriage: 

1.      Loving our spouseThere is freedom in loving your spouse without the expectations the world places on you. The believer must kill self-centeredness and radically transform their life; shifting the focus from ourselves to God and in doing so we will aspire to love others as Christ does, unconditionally. This does not mean merely to practice an ascetic self-discipline. It is a very strong word, meaning, “to kill”. Colossians 3:5 says we are to “mortify therefore (our) members, which are on the earth” (KJV). Continue reading